The Singing Earth


Naples has been singing for ages: in every time, at all events, Naples has a song to exalt  its joys and beauties, to comfort its sorrows and miseries…..Wars, governments, misfortunes, triumphs, invasions, liberations: everything comes to an end…..Naples last for ever: still and timeless. Is life a theatre? And Naples laughs, applauds, yawns, whistles…..And sings. In its most famous songs of all  time there is its portraits and some of its history……

It’s a show full of charm and humorous grace notes that engage the heart.

Francesca and Amelia Rondinella artistic interpreters of Neapolitan music belong to a family that has carried on a tradition of musical performance extending from the early 19th century to its current feast of the Neapolitan musical tradition in all its variety.

Everything is included from the classic soulful emotional melodies of long popular favourites, to the bravura variety show pieces from the late 19th century, to the “café chantant” chanteuses and show girls gracefully styled charming songs, to the sprightly folk music of the tarantelle and the tammurriate singing accompanied by the tammorra and the tamburello.
Their performances  have been appreciated all around Italy in theatres and festivals; abroad in London, Berlin, Montecarlo  Moscow at the “Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Theatre” and recently in Beijing.
 An authentic Naples full of vibrant songs, music and poems

with the Rondinella sisters.